Can A HUD Partial Claim Be Forgiven?

The Federal Housing Administration provides mortgage insurance for single-family houses, multistory dwellings, hospitals, and residential care facilities. The FHA collaborates with authorized lenders in the United States and organizations like the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide HUD partial claim forgiveness. 

Homeowners might fall behind on their mortgage payments, and these alternatives could assist those who are having difficulty.

What is a HUD partial claim payoff?    

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has a program called the partial claim mortgage. This program is designed to help FHA mortgage borrowers reduce their payments and avoid foreclosure.

It’s become increasingly important as lower-income homeowners have struggled to overcome the economic consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic.

A Partial Claim is a zero-interest subordinate lien that will cover part of the amount to be settled and if you fulfill the criteria, a principal deferment.

The leftover amount is tacked onto the first mortgage’s principal loan balance and renewed the term for 30 years (360 months) at a fixed interest rate.

Can you subordinate a HUD lien?

Yes, any government-secured second mortgage should be subordinated using the Subordination Agreement (HUD-92420M). This includes mortgages that are owned by the government, like those used to finance restructuring or notes from Partial Payment of Claim.

Can I refinance with a HUD partial claim? 


The answer to the question of whether you can refinance with a HUD partial claim depends on the situation. HUD may allow you to refinance your mortgage with a partial claim, but this is not always possible.

If you have a HUD partial claim loan, you can’t refinance your home until you pay off the loan in full.

If you’re interested in refinancing options, it likely means that your financial situation has improved. If you have the money, you can ask HUD to pay off your home in full. This will usually be done without any early payoff penalties.

Who pays lenders who mortgage borrowers qualify for partial claims?

HUD can help you get partial payments by issuing a zero-interest promissory note.

If the borrower wants to sell or refinance their home, they must pay off the partial claim in addition to the FHA loan.

Borrowers can make payments on a part-sized claim at any time without paying penalties.

Are HUD partial claims interest-free?   

Yes, a “partial claim” is an interest-free loan from HUD to catch up on past-due installments.

A partial claim does not have to be repaid until the first mortgage is paid off, for example when you sell the property. Partial claims are occasionally completed in addition to a loan modification.

Can I sell my home if I have a HUD partial claim?

No, you must first pay off your FHA Partial Claim before selling your property. If the borrower either sells their home or refinances, they must pay off the entire amount of the partial claim.

Does a partial claim hurt credit?

If you are late on your payments or if you don’t make timely payments, then a partial claim can hurt your credit. Compared to other loans, a partial claim application generally won’t damage your credit as much. It’s usually less harmful to your credit than a foreclosure.



Does HUD forgive loans?

Unfortunately, FHA is not legally allowed to provide principal forgiveness for any of its insured loans. Depending on your situation, a forbearance may be a good way to get caught up on your payments without incurring additional fees or interest. You should talk to your lender about your options and what type of forbearance may be available to you. With careful planning and communication, forbearance can help you weather financial challenges and remain in your home.

How is a partial claim calculated?

If you do not have the cash to make a full insurance claim and still owe the mortgage on your FHA loan, FHA will pay part of the principal balance as mortgage insurance benefits. It then restates the remaining principal balance of the mortgage under HUD’s supervision.

For HUD to accept a PPC, the mortgagee and the owner must first agree to take on the terms of this Chapter for a partial payment of the insurance claim. The mortgagee must also waive any prepayment and lock-out clauses in the loan.

How long does it take to get a payoff from HUD?

For a Housing and Urban Development payout, it may take up to 6 business days for the application to be processed.